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Vision Therapy: The Eye-Brain Connection

Vision and learning are 2 sides of the same coin. There is a strong connection between them, and strengthening the visual and cognitive connection through vision therapy can be valuable for children who are developing and also those who are healing from a brain injury.

Starting a vision therapy program early can help to connect the brain and vision and assist in preventing long-term vision deficits and issues.

Verona Vision Care’s Dr. Letlebo focuses on pediatrics, vision therapy, and rehabilitation. Her training focuses on vision development and binocular dysfunctions in children.

Talk to us about how vision therapy can set your child up for success or help those with traumatic brain injury.

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What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy helps strengthen skills that are an essential part of visual comprehension. This goes beyond just visual acuity and being able to read a chart on the wall. Vision therapy aims to retrain what has already been learned through sight.

Vision therapy is a doctor-facilitated program that is more than just understanding the eye tissue; it’s about fostering the eye-brain connection.

How Vision Therapy Works

Vision therapy is a personalized program designed by an optometrist that uses activities, therapeutic lenses, and technologies to strengthen the connection between the brain and the eyes.

Vision therapy aims to use these exercises to strengthen visual skills (such as alignment, clarity, focusing, and tracking), visual comfort, and interpretation of visual information.

Common Vision Conditions

There are a few common vision conditions that can occur in children that can impact their learning and development going into adulthood. If the condition isn’t addressed, it can impact learning, vision, and day-to-day life in the long term.

Vision therapy can train the brain to send the proper signals to the patient’s vision and, over time, can strengthen vision alignment and clarity.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Binocular vision dysfunction is a condition caused by slight misalignment of the eye. This can result in dizziness, headaches, and blurry vision.

Strabismus, more commonly known as crossed-eyes, is a misalignment of the eyes where both eyes do not look in the same direction.

Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is when one eye has reduced vision even when wearing corrective lenses.

Vision therapy can help to retrain the eyes and regain vision clarity that was not properly developed.

Learn More About Our Vision Therapy Approach

Vision therapy may be new to many families seeking out vision care for their children. Our team is happy to walk you through our evidence-based approach to vision therapy and how it may impact your child’s vision.

Contact us and book an appointment to get started.

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