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Fostering Learning with Our Children’s Eye Care

Children grow at a rapid pace and taking care of their vision is an important habit to get into at a young age. At Verona Vision Care, we have a passion for helping manage children’s vision as well as fostering curiosity among our young patients.

We want children to learn during their exams and ask questions about what we may be testing and why. Education on eye health and vision is an important part of children’s eye exams at VVC and something we take joy in facilitating.

Your children are in great hands, as Dr. Hunt and Dr. Wilson have experience in pediatrics. Dr. Letlebo also has additional experience in pediatrics after completing a residency focused on pediatrics and vision therapy.

Bring your child in for an eye exam, and they’ll come out telling you about the fun new eye care knowledge they learned.

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Children’s Eye Exam Frequency

Getting in for an eye exam regularly is so important as children grow and develop. That’s why we recommend that you book for your children based on the American Optometric Association Schedule. The exam frequency for infants and kids is:

  • Their first exam at around 6–12 months
  • At least one exam between 3–5 years
  • Annual exams between 6–17 years

This schedule may change as recommended by your doctor.

InfantSEE: A No-Cost Vision Program for Infants

If possible, we recommend booking an eye exam at around 6 months of age. This is because babies go through rapid changes and development, making it an ideal time to examine the development of their eyes.

InfantSEE is a program that the American Optometric Association offers where AOA-participating optometrists can provide a no-cost comprehensive eye exam for your child aged 6-12 months old.

This is a great way to make vision care a part of your child’s life, and Verona Vision Care is proud to be a part of the AOA InfantSEE program.

Vision Screening vs. Eye Exam: What’s the Difference?

While a vision screening can be a good first step in testing a child’s sight, they are limited in what they can provide for your child’s vision health. Oftentimes, vision screenings only test the child’s distance vision, so it’s possible that certain eye conditions can be missed.

A vision screening may be completed outside of the optometrist’s office, without the proper testing technology, and by people not trained in optometry. This can cause important vision factors to be missed.

A comprehensive eye exam completed by one of our optometrists at Verona Vision Care includes a thorough examination of vision clarity and health using our testing and diagnostic technology.

What to Expect During A Child’s Eye Exam

When your child comes in for their annual eye exam, we are committed to thoroughly examining their eyes while making the experience fun and educational.

A child’s vision is linked strongly with their development into adulthood, which means we test for multiple vision markers when we examine children in our office, including:

  • The patient’s family history
  • Visual acuity (clarity)
  • Depth perception 
  • Eye movement 
  • Color vision 
  • Peripheral vision
  • Pupil response
  • Eye focus
  • Eye teaming
  • Refraction errors (errors in vision)
  • Eye health

These are important factors that let us know if your child has a vision problem that needs correcting with glasses or contact lenses, or has an eye condition that we need to monitor.

How We Make Kid’s Vision Care Accessible

As we’ve mentioned, vision care for children is so important. The need for accessible children’s eye care is essential, and that’s why we do all we can to make that a reality.

For many years, we’ve partnered with our local Lions Club and other organizations to provide children’s vision exams and glasses for children in need.

Each year, we are made aware of more children who have visual needs. However, they don’t have an avenue to receive help. In 2024, because of this need, we were able to partner with the Verona and Mt. Horeb Lions Clubs, Verona Area School District, and Cherry Optical to offer a free children’s vision clinic. Due to the success of this event and the continued need for children’s eye care, we hope to make this an annual event.

80% of learning is done through sight. However, 76% of children haven’t had a comprehensive eye exam by the age of 5—by this age, children should have had 3 comprehensive eye exams. For this reason, Verona Vision Care is passionate about providing accessible children’s vision care.

Comforting Kids Vision Care

Our team not only wants to make your children feel at ease and comfortable during their eye exams but also give them a fun and interesting environment to learn.

We can’t wait to meet our future VVC kids and introduce them to the world of vision care.

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