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More than Just Updating Your Prescription

Your eyes are the way you see the world around you, so taking care of them is so important. Attending regular eye exams is just like getting your annual check-up. An eye exam is not just for updating your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription; it’s also for managing your eye health and well-being.

We make sure that every patient who walks through our door feels comfortable and educated when they come to see us for an exam. We don’t even have a front desk at our practice—we greet you right at the door.

Personalized eye care is what we do best. Visit Verona Vision Care to talk to our team about your vision and how we can help. We can’t wait to see you!

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Eye Exam Frequency

To stay on track with your vision needs, we encourage all of your patients to book regular eye exams with us. The American Optometric Association recommends that you attend an eye exam:

  • Every 2 years between 18-64
  • Every year for 65+

If you are high risk, such as having diabetes, or wear contact lenses, we may ask you to visit us more often for an exam.

Our Eye Exam Technology

Our eye exam process with our team is not only enjoyable but thorough as well. We use industry gold standard tools and devices to make sure we can see everything when it comes to your vision. 

This technology assists us in confirming the health of your eyes or diagnosing any eye conditions or diseases that may be present. 

We take pride in making eye exams a personalized experience and are happy to walk you through why we use the technology we do and what we are looking for when we use it.


Optomap is a wide-field retinal imaging device. With wide-field retinal imaging, you can see 200 degrees or about 82% of the retina. This is about double the amount of a normal retinal imaging system.

The benefit of seeing more of your eye is that it aids in the early detection of retinal diseases, such as glaucoma, so that we can get you on a treatment plan right away.

Corneal topography is a technological tool that we use to measure the curvature of the cornea. The basic premise is that black and white rings are used to reflect light for this corneal measurement.

Calculating the corneal curvature is important for many reasons, including being fitted for contact lenses and diagnosing corneal conditions, such as keratoconus.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)is a noninvasive imaging system that allows us to see the layers of the retina in detail. OCT uses light waves to capture these images and lets us understand the thickness of the retinal layers, which is important when diagnosing retinal diseases.

An OCT scan only takes about 5–10 minutes and involves the patient keeping their head still in the device.

Why You Might Need to Visit Us More Often

For some of our patients, we might only see them for their bi-annual or annual eye exams. However, if you are experiencing certain eye conditions or even an emergency, we may need to check on your eyes more frequently. This could mean long days at work staring at your laptop or injuring your eye while playing football with the kids.

While we don’t want to see our patients struggling with their vision, our team is always happy to see our patients and help them with their vision needs.

In addition to contact lens fittings, laser eye surgery consultations, and disease management, we may also check on our patience with dry eye, computer eye strain, and eye injuries more frequently.

Dry Eye

Dry eye can get in the way of watching your favorite streaming network or reading a good book. This is because dry eye causes irritation, scratchiness, and even burning of the eyes.

We want to soothe your vision and offer dry eye therapy to our patients who need relief. Depending on what treatment options your eyes need, we may need more than one appointment to find a solution for long-term comfortable vision.

While scrolling on social media for hours is fun, staring at a screen for long periods without breaks can put a strain on your vision. This is called digital eye strain and can cause eye pain and watery eyes that can get in the way of school or work.

Depending on how severe your case of digital eye strain is, you may need to visit us for a few appointments to find the best solution for you.

Accidental injuries are part of life, like tidying the house and accidentally getting cleaning solution in your eyes. If you have an unexpected eye injury, you may need to come in for an eye emergency appointment right away.

Depending on how serious the eye injury is, we may need to see you for a few appointments to check up on your healing. We are committed to helping you through an eye emergency and getting you back to feeling yourself again.

Individualized Care For Your Vision

At Verona Vision Care, we’re committed to providing you with personalized, quality eye exams. That means in-depth conversations, personalized treatment plans, and friendly and approachable service from our team.

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